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How to Forward Your USPS Mail

When I was figuring out how to handle my own mail, I was surprised that I couldn’t find any articles that gave a decent overview that goes beyond the very basics of the ins and outs of the USPS we all know and love. The world shall suffer no more! Below is an overview of my many answered questions and acquired wisdom from my research and experiences of moving over and over again. This will only cover forwarding directly with the USPS, although other options exist with the UPS Store and elsewhere.

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The Basics

The USPS offers these services for free on paper or for one dollar using their convenient online or phone services. It is for the most part very convenient, so there is no reason to have to use any other service. In fact, several other services online which advertise turning in your info to the USPS will actually hide hefty service fees of $20 or more which they will charge you after the fact if you aren’t watching your credit card. Others will outright steal your payment information and your identity. So make sure you work with the real deal!

If everyone who needs mail forwarding from one address has the same last name, you can do a family request and will only need one form. Otherwise, each individual with different last names will need their own individual request. Also know that forwarding will only be performed domestically.

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To change your address for free, you will need ask for a Change of Address form at any post office. You can also refer to it as their Movers Guide since what you will get is the form inside a packet full of coupons. You can request these at any post office. They often will not have these available without asking for them at the counter because they also contain many useful coupons, so people would just take them for the coupons if they could. So expect to get in line for one if you need one. But to receive and fill out the form is free. You’ll need to drop it in the mail afterwards, and postage is free is well.

Online filing is the postal service’s favored method of request. In order to fill out the form online, visit the following genuine USPS website and follow the instructions in the wizard:


It will require that you pay one dollar both to verify your identity as well as for the convenience. Be aware that the system may initially accept your request and charge your card if your credit card information is correct and then deny it afterwards, for example if your request is attempting to add onto an existing request longer than the 12 month limit. You won’t get a refund of your money even if your request is denied in this way, so be careful not to put in several repeat requests if you get a denial.

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Alternatively, you can call their automated line at 1-800-275-8777 and do the same thing and pay a dollar. But typing it yourself might make it less likely that there will be a mistake made.


It’s Mr. Zip!
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Be Warned: Not Everything Is Forwarded!
Only first class, priority, or express mail addressed to you will be forwarded, and only if the sender did not place any kind of request that would prevent it from being forwarded. It will be sent on a piece-by-piece basis. Most mail not forwarded you might not miss. It will likely be mostly advertisements and bulk mail that would otherwise just fill your mailboxes. Forwarding is actually a way to get rid of all that stuff, if only for a time. (If you want to use forwarding as a way to more permanently reduce your junk mail, NEVER do a permanent change of address – see below).

However, there is some mail you may miss, like other packages, so definitely know what to expect. The following is NOT forwarded:

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Magazines and 2nd-class mail after 60 days
Other non-first class mail – For example, non-profit mail, presorted standard mail, bulk mail, etc
Mail not addressed to you – “Current resident,” etc
Mail with “Return Service Requested” or “Do Not Forward” **unless temporary change of address requested** – Mail with these requests, even if first class, will be returned to sender, since that is what these requests are requesting. Senders of this mail, often bank statements, some bills, etc, want to know that you are at the address they have, and if you are not, they want to know. So this mail will not be forwarded, and the post office will inform them of your forwarding address. However, if your change of address is temporary, this is forwarded, and no notice of the new temporary address is provided.
Mail with “Change Service Requested” – This mail will not be forwarded either. It will also not be returned. Mail will be disposed of (hopefully securely, but I don’t know), and the sender will be informed of your forwarding address.
Other packages
Note that with other requested services, such as with “Address Service Requested,” mail is forwarded. Mail with that request will be forwarded, but the sender will also be informed of your forwarding address. Mail with “Forwarding Service Requested” will simply be forwarded and senders won’t receive your forwarded address unless your forwarding service ends and the USPS knows your new address.

Permanent Mail Forwarding
When you sign up for “permanent” mail forwarding, your mail is not forwarded permanently. It is merely an indication that you moved permanently. The USPS will forward your mail for one year after your request and will return your mail for 6 months afterwards. People or organizations who sent you mail at your old address will be informed of your new address if they paid for that service (ie, first class mail, “Return Service Requested,” etc).

Permanent change of address requests override temporary change of address requests. To otherwise undo a permanent change of address, you will need the confirmation number on either the confirmation email or letter you received after you first placed the request in order to edit it either online, on the phone, or in person at a post office. If you run into trouble, you may have to contact a USPS Consumer’s Affairs Office.

What most people don’t know about permanent mail forwarding is that anytime you do this, it is reported to the National Change of Address (NCOA) database. This information is kept for 48 months. Your information is shared with pretty much anyone who pays for this information as long as they had a previous address of yours. The USPS loses a lot of money by providing cheap, convenient services, and this is one way they make enough to stay afloat. This works by encouraging vendors to pay for sending you junk mail and also by not having to forward junk mailed to the wrong address. This is unfortunately not something you can opt-out of, so expect your address to be shared when you request a permanent change of address. However, if you set up temporary mail forwarding, which can also last 12 months just like permanent forwarding, you dodge this bullet.

USPS Finally Starts Notifying You by Mail If Someone is Scanning Your Snail Mail Online

In October 2017, KrebsOnSecurity warned that ne’er-do-wells could take advantage of a relatively new service offered by the U.S. Postal Service that provides scanned images of all incoming mail before it is slated to arrive at its destination address. We advised that stalkers or scammers could abuse this service by signing up as anyone in the household, because the USPS wasn’t at that point set up to use its own unique communication system — the U.S. mail — to alert residents when someone had signed up to receive these scanned images.

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The USPS recently told this publication that beginning Feb. 16 it started alerting all households by mail whenever anyone signs up to receive these scanned notifications of mail delivered to that address. The notification program, dubbed “Informed Delivery,” includes a scan of the front of each envelope destined for a specific address each day.

The Postal Service says consumer feedback on its Informed Delivery service has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly among residents who travel regularly and wish to keep close tabs on any bills or other mail being delivered while they’re on the road. It has been available to select addresses in several states since 2014 under a targeted USPS pilot program, but it has since expanded to include many ZIP codes nationwide. U.S. residents can find out if their address is eligible by visiting informeddelivery.usps.com.

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According to the USPS, some 8.1 million accounts have been created via the service so far (Oct. 7, 2017, the last time I wrote about Informed Delivery, there were 6.3 million subscribers, so the program has grown more than 28 percent in five months).

Roy Betts, a spokesperson for the USPS’s communications team, says post offices handled 50,000 Informed Delivery notifications the week of Feb. 16, and are delivering an additional 100,000 letters to existing Informed Delivery addresses this coming week.

Currently, the USPS allows address changes via the USPS Web site or in-person at any one of more than 35,000 USPS retail locations nationwide. When a request is processed, the USPS sends a confirmation letter to both the old address and the new address.

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If someone already signed up for Informed Delivery later posts a change of address request, the USPS does not automatically transfer the Informed Delivery service to the new address: Rather, it sends a mailer with a special code tied to the new address and to the username that requested the change. To resume Informed Delivery at the new address, that code needs to be entered online using the account that requested the address change.

A review of the methods used by the USPS to validate new account signups last fall suggested the service was wide open to abuse by a range of parties, mainly because of weak authentication and because it is not easy to opt out of the service.

Signing up requires an eligible resident to create a free user account at USPS.com, which asks for the resident’s name, address and an email address. The final step in validating residents involves answering four so-called “knowledge-based authentication” or KBA questions.

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The USPS told me it uses two ID proofing vendors: Lexis Nexis; and, naturally, recently breached big three credit bureau Equifax — to ask the magic KBA questions, rotating between them randomly.

KrebsOnSecurity has assailed KBA as an unreliable authentication method because so many answers to the multiple-guess questions are available on sites like Spokeo and Zillow, or via social networking profiles.

It’s also nice when Equifax gives away a metric truckload of information about where you’ve worked, how much you made at each job, and what addresses you frequented when. See: How to Opt Out of Equifax Revealing Your Salary History for how much leaks from this lucrative division of Equifax.

All of the data points in an employee history profile from Equifax will come in handy for answering the KBA questions, or at least whittling away those that don’t match salary ranges or dates and locations of the target identity’s previous addresses.

Once signed up, a resident can view scanned images of the front of each piece of incoming mail in advance of its arrival. Unfortunately, anyone able to defeat those automated KBA questions from Equifax and Lexis Nexis — be they stalkers, jilted ex-partners or private investigators — can see who you’re communicating with via the Postal mail.

Maybe this is much ado about nothing: Maybe it’s just a reminder that people in the United States shouldn’t expect more than a post card’s privacy guarantee (which in can leak the “who” and “when” of any correspondence, and sometimes the “what” and “why” of the communication). We’d certainly all be better off if more people kept that guarantee in mind for email in addition to snail mail. At least now the USPS will deliver your address a piece of paper letting you know when someone signs up to look at those W’s in your snail mail online.

USPS Employ Shares Most Common Postal Abbreviation

Your Manual for Postal AbbreviationsMy days of concentrate French are over, yet I’ve discovered new work in deciphering the wild universe of words at the Postal Service® beginning with sans monkey swing rooms, carriages without infants and feathered creature less enclosures. Sound strange? Postal language is an inventive articulation of words and expressions used to get the mail prepared and delivered.To the individuals who have never been presented to the operations of a Post Office™ or mail handling plant, these terms may sound abnormal, however read on to take in the dialect from a postal insider.With the present easy routes utilized by means of the web and web-based social networking, the Postal Administration has been shortening terms to acronyms to simplicity correspondence and give consistency in phrasing over the organization.United States Postal Service® (USPS®)The acronym utilized for our association itself, USPS, may not bring moment acknowledgment for what it speaks to — Joined States Postal Service®. While some still utilize the “Post Office”, which was the official name until 1971 when it was rearranged, numerous simply allude to the association as “the Post Office.”Postmaster General™ (PMG) The CEO of the Postal Administration is the PMG or Postmaster General, an office that goes back to Benjamin Franklin who was the primary PMG selected by the Mainland Congress in 1775. The current PMG is Megan Brennan who took office in 2015. PC Sending Framework (CFS)I began at the Postal Administration as an agent in the PC Sending Framework unit – generally referred to postal workers as CFS – preparing C-O-As.Change of address (COA)A COA – change of address –provides open door for a previous inhabitant or place of business to change mailing data so mail can be sent to the new area. All through life, you’ll likely have various opportunities to finish the shape. This should be possible carefully at the Official USPS Change of Address webpage where more than 14 million address changes were submitted online in 2015.

Zone Change Arrange (ZIP Code™)ZIP Code™ has turned out to be extremely commonplace and surely understood to clients. The Postal division coordinates bundles, letters, and other mail pieces to their goals. Since it has turned out to be such a piece of tending to, many don’t have any acquaintance with it is an acronym for Zone Change Arrange. This program was added across the nation in 1963 to help handle the developing number of locations. Postal divisions are frequently basically alluded to as “zones” by postal representatives when talking about which office they work in or where a mailpiece has a place. In 1984, the ZIP+4® was added to give encourage productivity mechanized sortation hardware. Looking into a Postal district is simple with the Zip tool.Common expressions for mail handling gear Talking about mechanized hardware, the incomprehensible cluster of machines used to process mail owes a considerable measure to acronyms:Advanced Facer Canceler Framework (AFCS)Automated Bundle Preparing Framework (APPS)Barcode Peruser (BCR)Delivery Standardized tag Sorter(DBCS)Optical Character Peruser (OCR)Some representatives just know the hardware by acronym and not what each letter remains for. These preparing machines can be found on “the workroom floor” at mail handling plants where representatives, mailhandlers, expeditors and upkeep representatives work the nation over to handle a normal of 509 million mail pieces each day.USPS Worker Titles Letter CarrierThere are a few titles that set aside a long opportunity to resign from use as new ones come into utilization. As I grew up, a “postal worker” conveyed my letters and bundles yet today the “letter transporter” stops by. This move in wording considers the more than 40 percent of females in the workforce.Retail AssociateAt the retail counter or “window,” the worker offering stamps and tolerating bundles and mail used to be known as a “window agent” yet now passes by “retail associate.”More Post Office LingoHot CaseWhether the workroom floor is bubbling or solidifying, you can’t consume yourself on the off chance that you touch the “hot case.” I’ve sat before numerous amid my initial profession and confirm that the metal sorting case remains at room temperature regardless of how quick you’re sorting mail into it. This last station holds mail for “hot” a minute ago sorting or re-sorting of mail. Bearers gather this mail before leaving on their courses, eventually pressing up every single accessible piece for the day. Our objective: keep our clients happy!The CageWhat about “the enclosure?” Bigger than the normal confine for family pets, this is not used to house creatures but rather is a metal moving stage used to transport mail and bundles from handling gear to conveyance units. The pen epithet most likely originates from it having half-inch bars the distance around (see photograph). In fact known as a generally useful holder (APC), the moving bit of mail transport hardware (MTE), frequently has a rack which gets loaded with mail tubs and trays.Swing RoomThe “swing room” clearly wears no gorillas. Bananas, yes! The place is for lunch or severs for incidentally obligation workers to invest their energy. Once in a while acknowledgment occasions for workers occur there as well.

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Employ Story: Holiday Deliveries

Back in the late 1960’s I worked as a part-time flexible (PTF) employee for the Post Office while attending college. I was a letter carrier and also delivered parcel post routes out of Nagel Station (now Weathers) in St. Louis, MO. As a PTF, I filled in where needed and every day was a new adventure. As the holidays approached, the volume of packages increased. Back then USPS had the majority of the parcel business and Nagel Station had several year-round “parcel post” routes that covered north St. Louis and most of north St. Louis County.The old one ton trucks assigned to these routes were noisy and usually without working heaters but as the seasons changed and the temperatures dropped, I preferred delivering packages in a truck to walking a route in the wind and cold. If I was assigned a parcel route for the day, I felt like I won the lottery.The week before Christmas, package volumes out grew the capability of our truck fleet to deliver them. I was told to report early one morning, along with a few other PTFs and we were transported over to the parking lot of an ice cream vendor on North Broadway. In the summer time, this company’s trucks patrolled the streets of St. Louis selling ice cream treats to the kids streaming out of their homes at the sound of the monotone music that blared from the speaker on top of the truck like that of the Piped Piper, with the same effect on children.In the winter these trucks sat idle, so postal management decided to lease a few and I was assigned an ice cream truck for the week. Early each morning I would load up the truck’s interior with packages of all shapes and sizes that included automobile tires, pogo sticks, bags of oranges, boxes of fruit and nuts and other packages of endless sizes and shapes. I would set out to deliver my load and then return again around noon to fill up again and then a third time for an early evening delivery, all in an effort to get as many packages delivered by Christmas because it was commonly believed most of the packages were Christmas presents and we were on a mission to get them delivered in time for the big day.It was unseasonably warm that week. Kids were outside playing on the weekend, as well as, after school and on Christmas Eve. When I turned down their street, they were so excited to see me. Well, not me so much as the ice cream truck. Even without the music, they jumped for joy at the sight of the ice cream man on their street. I could have sold a lot of ice cream that year!The best part of the week was the satisfaction I received by delivering packages to the families in the neighborhoods. There was no doubt in my mind most of those packages were destined for under the tree to be opened on Christmas morning. I wanted to make sure I got every one of them delivered so no one would be disappointed. The smiles and receptions I received as I handed over those “gifts” made me feel that in some very small way I was contributing to everyone’s holiday season.I’ll never forget the joy of delivering Christmas presents in an ice cream truck for the postal service. It was the best Christmas ever!

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This is Our Season

The holidays can be a hectic time of year for everyone. The pressure of finding the right gift, making the perfect supper, or traveling far and wide to get together with family and friends. Things get busy here, too… And that’s largely because we’re working to make the holidays hassle-free for our customers. We couldn’t be happier to deliver your holiday cards, warm wishes, and thoughtful gifts to your loved ones. It’s one of the best parts of our job.To celebrate, we’ve put together a little something to get you in the holiday spirit. Click below to enter our postal winter wonderland.Wishing you a healthy, safe, and merry holiday season,The USPS Postal Posts Team

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